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Governor/Parent Communication

Feedback from a Governor’s attendance at the Primary Parents’ Evening on November 16th 2017

As part of the governor’s conversation with parents, they were asked if there were any improvements/changes that they would like to be considered by the Academy Leadership Team. All of the parents’ comments were passed on to senior staff and this is their response. 

  • Letters are sometimes late being sent out so that they arrive just before an event happens. It would be helpful if plenty of notice could be given

 We are working hard to make sure that all dates for events are published in the Newsletter. This may be a long time before an event letter would go out so please check this each week on the website or you can ask for a paper copy in any of the receptions.  

  • Sometimes teachers are late for appointments, which makes it difficult if parents have other commitments following on 

All of our teachers endeavour to be on time for any appointment. At parents evenings sometimes appointments run over and this has a knock on effect to others. Or if one parent is late it can also make the next appointment late.  The end of the day can be busy also with messages to pass on to other parents etc. but please know we always do our best to be where we need to be on time.  

  • Would it be possible for leaves to be cleared on the school site so that they don’t become slippery and block drains? 

This has been passed on to our Premises Team. Obviously the autumn is a tricky time of year for leaves but they are clearing them as quickly as they can. The large job of clearing the main path up through to Sedgemoor was done in the first week of December.    

  • One parent with children in Years 2 and 4 felt that more homework should be set 

There are a lot of differing opinions from many people on the value of homework. We say to our teachers to always make sure that homework has a purpose and is not just set for something to do. At all ages the most important thing is that children are reading every day. This, of course, does not have to be a school book. It could be a library book, home book or even a comic. The children work hard all day at school so too much homework at a young age doesn’t always have a positive impact.

As the children go through Primary you will find they will have more. This will be in the form of reading, spellings, times tables and mini-projects. We ask that Parents of Year 6 students support their children with this as we prepare them for Key Stage 2 Sats in May. 

  • Sports clubs after school are excellent but often over-subscribed. Would it be possible to offer other activities or increase the size of the group? 

We have 2 Sports coaches who offer free clubs on 4 afternoons a week. Mr Sluman (Year 6 teacher) also helps on one afternoon after school. We have to abide by ratios on numbers permitted so unfortunately cannot offer any more. We try to be fair and make sure that the popular clubs have new members each term so everyone who wants to be part of it, can.

We also take our students to many competitions and tournaments at other schools. The staff that take the children to these often give up their own free time to do this. 

  • One parent who has joint custody of her child with his father, often does not get information, if it goes to him on one of the days that he has access. Would it be possible for class teachers to text parents a reminder about any future class activities? She recognised that this would be extra work for already hard pressed teachers 

Class teachers are not able to text parents. We try and keep parents informed by putting the information in the Newsletter, which is available on the Academy website. Parents who don’t have their children with them full time can ask to go on a mailing list so they are sent important letters and school reports. Please contact reception to do this.  

  • One parent praised the quality of the holiday club and staff but would find it really helpful if either the hours or number of days could be extended. She recognised that this would have significant funding implications. 

Unfortunately we are not able to offer any more days for our Holiday Club. It is subsidised by the school and you will have heard how school budgets have been cut dramatically recently. Also the staff that run these clubs are also entitled to a holiday.